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BackTrack September 2017

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September 2017 Journal

BackTrack Cover September 2017On the Platform End at Paddington - Robert Sandusky photographed comings and goings in June 1958.

The Metropolitan's Diamond Logo - Michael J. Smith describes an early corporate 'branding' exercise.

Ladies Only Compartments - a vanished passenger amenity reviewed by Alistair F. Nisbet.

More from the Eastern Counties - another colour selection of Great Eastern locomotives.

The North Eastern Railway and its Timetables in Edwardian Days: Part Two - Glen Kilday concludes his survey of services in the North Eastern in the early 20th Century.

'Rather Unprincipled Persons': Ministers of Transport 1919-69: Part One - A. J. Mullay reviews the holders of this post and their influence (or lack of it) on railway history.

LNER Flyers from the Air - Steve Banks look at the stories behind some 1930s press photographs.

Looking Blue - four colour pages of blue-liveried steam locomotives.

Major Druitt meets his Waterloo - John C. Hughes looks into a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway accident to the north of Liverpool.

A trip on the North Wales Line - archive photos from the 1960s.

After Hours - Alan Whitehouse recalls the appeal and challenge of photographing the railway at night.

The Crieff Lines No More - David Fergusson looks back at the battle to save them and how it ultimately failed.

Churchward and the Locomotive Exchanges with the LNWR in August 1910 - a controversial railway challenge considered by Nick Deacon.

D'Aldgate à Arès - Eric Stuart on how some Metropolitan Railway coaches ended up working in France.