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To Order Back Issues, Binders and Indexes Of BackTrack

Back Issues Available

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The following BackTrack back issues are available:

Vol. 33 Nos. 1 to 12

Vol. 34 Nos. 1 to 3 and 8 to 12

Vol 35 Nos. 3 to 12

Vol 36 Nos 1 to 12

Vol 37 Nos 1 to 12

Vol 38 Nos 1 onwards

Please note that only limited stocks are held and that early issues are now in very short supply. If the one you are looking for is not here, look at the Vintage Carriages Trust back issues(bottom of column).

Back Issue Prices

The cost of the back issues are 6.50 per copy inclusive of postage and packing.
Overseas readers should add
40% to the cost for Europe,
75% for outside Europe.

Back Track Indexes

The latest BackTrack Cumulative Index for 2016-2021(Vol 31-35) is available at 7.50  inc p&p, UK only.

The previous BackTrack Cumulative Indexes to volumes 1 to 25 and to volumes 26 to 30 are out of stock.  A digital copy can be downloaded from the index page free of charge.



BINDERS. Stocks are available of 12-issue binders of Backtrack in green, gold blocked.
United Kingdom (inc. VAT + p /p) 13
Europe including Republic of Ireland, (inc VAT + p/p) 20.
Overseas outside Europe (inc.VAT + p/p) 25.

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image001By Telephone
Enquiries and payment by Credit Card
Tel: 01347 824397
(+44 1347  824397 outside of UK)
Our lines are open
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Mail By Post

Payment for Binders, Casebinding and Back Issues can be made by cheque or card.  Cheques should be payable to "Pendragon Publishing" and sent to the address below with one of the completed forms from below to:-

PO Box No.3,
Y061 3YS

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***Casebinding Available 1st Jan- 31st Mar each year***

Case Binder

This service is available each year until the end of March to provide binding for 12 issues of the previous years BACKTRACK journals into hardback form, complete with covers, in green with logo gold blocked on spine and front cover, with volume and date on the spine. Because the work is individually, hand done, casebinding orders are unlikely to be fulfilled in less than two months, all orders must be sent in between the 1st Jan and  the end of March.  Orders can only be accepted from within the UK.  Please send copies securely packed, to the address above - using only Royal Mail Standard Parcels, please.

Vintage Carriages Trust - Back Issues

Some earlier back issues of BackTrack are held by the Vintage Carriages Trust a specialist back issue store on the Worth Valley Railway.  They hold a number of old and out of stock magazines.
There website is at:-