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BackTrack November 2017

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November 2017 Journal


BackTrack_November_2017_325The West Coast Main Line Electrification - Alan Taylor outlines the developments of the 1960s which led to what became Britain's most modern main line.

At Work in Derbyshire - four colour pages by David Rodgers of steam in the Peak District  in 1968.

A Bridge too far - Dr. Malcolm Timperley describes the Dinting Viaduct accident of 1855.

'Out of Date - Yet Potentially Valuable' - Geoffrey Skelsey charts the decline and revival of the Birmingham west Suburban line.

Dark Matter - some night-time colour photography by Keith Dungate.

The Great Western's Eight-Coupled Tanks - four-page colour spread of the powerful 42XX and 72XX freight tanks.

Southern gone West: the Plymouth Branches - described by David Thrower.

The Railway Mission - James Johnson draws attention to a rarely considered aspect of railway social history and the iron churches which supported it.

Lesser London - archive photos of less not so well-known railway corners of the capital.

The View from the Train: Charles Dickens on Railway Development and rail travel in 'Dombey and Son' - literary connections traced by John Edmondson.

Harry Pitts and the Aldersgate Explosion - A Victorian 'incident' described by Alistair F. Nisbet.

The Dover Priory Murder - Martin Baggoley reveals a murder story with led to the first 'non public' execution.