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BackTrack October 2017

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October 2017 Journal

BackTrack Cover October 2017Maunsell Freight Engines for the Southern Railway - a survey by Jeremy Clarke

The Motor Omnibuses of the Great North of Scotland Railway and the General Post Office - John Roake discusses local mail delivery arrangements with railway help.

Eric Bruton on the Great Northern Suburban Trains - archive photos from the 1940s/50s.

Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway loop Lines - developments in North Lancashire, Manchester, Bury and Liverpool described by Jeffrey Wells.

Ryecroft Reminiscences - David J. Hayes concludes his account of this West Midlands scene near Walsall in the 1970s.

Look at Leeds - three colour pages of steam by Gavin Morrison.

The Railway in Court: Doors Closing - some legal cases examined by Bill Taylor.

Worcestershire Railways - a survey of the county by Steve Roberts.

The Curious Incident of the Manning Wardle Class N - Robert Emblin looks into an industrial locomotive mystery.

The Glasgow Blue trains - A personal reminiscence of over 40 years of observations by Allan Trotter.

'Rather Unprincipled Persons': Ministers of Transport - the First Ten Years 1919-60: Part Two - A. J. Mullay concludes his review of their varied contributions to the course of railway history.