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BackTrack March 2017

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March 2017 Journal

BackTrack Cover March 2017Changing at York - Tom Heavyside's three pages of colour shots of the York scene in the late 1970s and early 80s.

What about the Workers? - Archive photos of a variety of railwaymen at work in a range of activities.

The Closure of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Line: Part One - One of the major railway closures of the pre-Beeching era examined by Edward Gibbins.

The Brimscombe Bankers - Mike Fenton looks at the working of a steeply-graded GWR main line in the Cotswolds.

Getting a Quart out of a Pint Pot: Part One: Boosters and Steam Tenders - Miles Macnair looks at various ideas to obtain extra performance from locomotives.

Representing the Eastern Counties - four colour pages of Great Eastern Railway locomotives.

Ripon - A City no longer with a Railway: Part Two - James Rogers concludes his history of the city's station.

A Lancashire Alliance 1863-1870 - Jeffrey Wells tells how the Lancashire Union Railway came into being.

Morfa Mawddach in limbo - Max Birchenough's colour photos of a once significant Cambrian Coast junction station in 1968.

The Great Silence and the railways, 1919 - Jeffrey Wells notes how the first anniversary of the First World War armistice was marked.

Beyond Clapham Junction - Michael H.C. Baker reflects on railway travels in south London suburbia.

Carruthers (and others) - the story of a staff fraud perpetrated on the Liverpool Overhead Railway in 1902 told by John C. Hughes.