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BackTrack September 2013

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September 2013  Journal

BackTrack Cover September 2013Southern Steam Sheds - three colour pages of locos on shed.

Churton's Railway Observations - 1851 - Jeffrey Wells reviews a mid -19th century railway travel guide.

A Highland Centenary Journey - Neil Sinclair relives a 1963 journey to Inverness and beyond.

All lines lead to King's Cross - Part One: Geoffrey Skelsey describes Inertia and Revival on the Great Northern Lines.

Class 31s in North Wales - 1990s colour spread by Tom Heavyside.

Glasgow Again - three colour pages from the Glasgow area in the 1960s.

The Great Western 'Krugers' - Part Three - Ivor Lewis concludes his detailed description of these locomotives.

The Multi-Engined Diesel Railcars of the Ulster Transport Authority - described by Colm Flanagan.

Beyond Beeching - Edward Gibbins looks at what preceded the 'Beeching era' and matters arising from it.

How to upset your passengers without really trying - Alistair F. Nisbet investigates some disputes between the St. Andrews Town Council and the North British Railway.

The Middleton-in-Teesdale Branch - a Co.Durham branch photographed in colour by John Spencer Gilks.

Take a Western Railcar - a spread of archive photos of these GWR vehicles.