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BackTrack July 2013

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July 2013  Journal

BackTrack Cover July 2013Yesterday at Yeovil: three pages of colour by Michael Mensing at Yeovil Junction and Yeovil Pen Mill in the 1980s.
Carrying the Fishergirls over the Highland line: John Roake describes an unusual seasonal traffic originating in the north of Scotland.
The Vibration Committee: R. A. S. Hennessey investigates 'The Case of the Bayswater Tremors' caused by the Central London Railway.
And Down into a Ditch: Peter Tatlow looks at the Shawford derailment of 1952, with colour pictures.
Stationary Locomotive Testing - Part Two: Adrian Tester explains the building of the first test stations at Swindon and Rugby.
By LNER on the West Highland Line: four pages of archive photos on this scenic route from the 1930s/40s.
On Holiday with British Railways: Alan Bennett considers the promotional focus of BR's holiday guides.
The passing of the 'Blue Trains': Paul Aitken provides a trio of colour photos as a tribute to these Glasgow electrics.
Banking on the Lickey Incline: two pages of archive shots on Britain's steepest main line gradient.
Up Snowdon and Down Again: four pages of spectacular colour on the Snowdon Mountain Railway.
The Changing Craft of the Permanent Way Man - Part Two: Michael B. Binks completes his review of new practices on the track.
Tsar Trek: George Smith describes John Hackworth's export expedition to Russia and Tsar Nicholas I in 1836.
Notts County return: More Nottinghamshire colour scenes.
The Great Western Railway 'Krugers' - Part Two: Ivor Lewis goes into the detail of their design.
The Little-Known Story of Marston Gate: Bob Williams and Richard Foster look at the life and times of a country station on the Cheddington to Aylesbury branch.
'2251s' at Work: A photo tribute to the late distinguished photographer Hugh Ballantyne.