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BackTrack November 2007

Steam Train Photo



November 2007 Journal

BackTrack_Cover_November_2007325Steam on the Stirling line - colour feature on the ex-Caledonian route from Glasgow to Stirling.

Pontypool Road as I knew it - Edward A. Evans recalls a once-important railway centre on the 'North & West' route between Hereford and Newport.

A Milk and Fish Diet - colour photos of milk and fish trains.

Railways and Epsom Races - Part 1 - Jeffrey Wells describes how railways were built to serve the famous racecourse at Epsom, home of the Derby and the Oaks.

Exploring a York Backwater - three colour photos of the Foss Islands branch.

Crossing the Tyne and Wear - Michael B. Binks describes the engineering challenges in crossing these rivers in the North East.

Going round the sheds - a four-page colour feature on steam locomotive depots.

Here comes British Railways - J. Crosse looks at some early staff notices from the newly nationalised organisation.
Salute to the 'Royal Scots' - four pages of colour photos of this famous LMS class.

The Bombing of Britain's Railways: A War Diary 1939-45 - Part Four - John W.E. Helm concludes his survey with the results of the attacks by V1 and V2 flying bombs and rockets.

Good and Faithful Servant - Part 2 of Michael Rutherford's round-up of the British 0-6-0 locomotive.

Sanction Wood, Railway Architect - Part 2 - by Gordon Biddle.
Cross that Bridge when you come to it - colour photos of a selection of railway bridges.