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BackTrack July 2007

Steam Train Photo



July 2007 Journal

BackTrack Cover July 200732540 Years On - Colour photos by Klaus Marx of the end of Southern Region Steam.

A Daring Experiment - Keith Hill tells the story of the Western Region's 'Warship' diesel-hydraulics.

The Early Railways - John L. Flann investigates their promotion, creation, cost and benefits.
Rugby Cement - Dick Riley's colour shots at the Rugby Portland Cement Company.

The Callington Branch - Part Two of David Thrower's history of this West Country branch.

Vectis Summers - three pages of Isle of Wight steam in colour.

Another Serving of Lancashire Hotpot - another colour selection of steam in the Red Rose county.

The One that got way - Chris Walker looks at the history of the Midland & South Western Junction Railway.

The BR Standard 2-6-0s - colour photos of the three classes of BR Moguls.

Liverpool Exchange - Tom Wray describes the development of a major Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway terminus.

Some Reflections on the Narrow Gauge - Part Four - Michael Rutherford concludes his comprehensive review.

Great Western signal boxes of the 1920s and 1930s - three contrasting boxes at Exminster, Tiverton Junction and Penzance.