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BackTrack December 2007

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December 2007 Journal

BackTrack_December_2007325Around Woodford Halse - colour photos by Tommy Tomalin around this Great Central junction.

A Scottish Odyssey - Stephen Bragg recalls an exploration of the main lines and branches of Scotland in 1955.

The Railway Journeys of Sherlock Holmes - Nigel Digby investigates the travels of Conon Doyle's great detective, with the aid of Bradshaw's Railway Guide.

Railways and the Epsom Races - Part Two of Jeffrey Wells's survey of train services to this famous Surrey racecourse.

The Night Scot - Peter Tatlow looks at the timetables and formations of the overnight trains between London and Scotland.

Custom House - Allan Patterson looks back on working an East London signal box.

The Standard Class 4 Tanks - four pages of colour on the BR 2-6-4Ts.

Through the Malvern Hills - colour pictures of diesel traction on the Worcester to Hereford line.

Good and Faithful Servant - The last part of Michael Rutherford's survey of the British 0-6-0 locomotive.

When Pacifics were red - colour photos of the 'Princess Royal' and 'Coronation' 4-6-2s in BR red livery.

Lost behind the Rooftops - Part One of Robert Emblin's description of the building of the GC main line between Nottingham Victoria and the River Trent.

200 Not Out! - some colour photos of the first of the BR 'D200' Type 4 diesel-electrics.

The Holcombe Brook branch - Michael Blakemore tells the story of a Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway branch from Bury which played a part in the early development of electric traction.

The 'Silver Princess' - photos of an experimental stainless steel carriage imported from the USA.

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