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BackTrack March 2020

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March 2020 Journal

To the Channel - and Beyond -BackTrack Cover March 2020 colour spread by Rodney Lissenden showing Channel Tunnel construction trains in Kent in 2002.

Colwick: Where Coal was King: Part One - The life and times of the Great Northern Railway's yards and locomotive depot in Nottingham described by Bruce Laws.

Oxfordshire's Railways - a county survey by Stephen Roberts.

Aspects of a Lancashire Railway Town: 1830-1910 - the history of Newton-le-Willows and Earlestown by Jeffrey Wells.

Peak Forest, Buxton and Great Rocks - Richard Clarke recalls tales of near misses, mishaps and runaways in the 1970s.

Horwich's Finest - four colour pages picturing the LMSR's splendid Horwich-designed Class 5 2-6-0s (the 'Crabs').

From Road unto Rail - Exercises in Technology Transfer: Part Three of Miles Macnair's series deals with Traction Engines, Railcars and the Sentinel Story.

In Praise of the Moguls: Part Two - Jeremy Clarke concludes his survey of mixed traffic 2-6-0 locomotives.

Monton Green: West of Salford - archive photos from the Pendragon Archive.

Crossing London: Part Two - Geoffrey Skelsey concludes his account of the City Widened Lines and the Thameslink Saga.

The Southampton Dock Diesels - described by Rory Wilson.

Trains across the Gill: Hownes Gill Viaduct 1858-1969 - Rob Langham presents history from Stockton & Darlington Railway days.