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BackTrack December 2020

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December 2020 Journal

BackTrack Latest CoverOn shed at Kingmoor - 3 pages of photos at Carlisle's biggest locomotive depot by Gavin Morrison.

The Festival - Colm Flanagan describes the Ulster Transport Authority's new express of 1951.

How not to close a railway - Geoffrey Skelsey looks at the near death of the North Warwickshire line.

Stoke Station and its station masters - a history by Mike G. Fell.

Reading Matter - three pages of GWR and SR steam at Reading.

A Tribute to David Idle - three colour photos of SECR No.592 which David was instrumental in saving.

Coals from Newcastle: Part One - A look at coal traffic in the North East on the North Eastern Railway by Rob Langham.

A Grand Day out for eight shillings and threepence - John Chapman recalls taking advantage of a Day Rover ticket in 1961.

The Highland Railway 'Clans' - Andrew Wilson looks at the life and times of the most iconic of Scottish classes.

Tyson's Tours - archive photos of some 1960s railtours by Alan Tyson.

Drama aboard the TS 'King Edward' - an unfortunate incident in the Firth of Clyde described by Arnold Tortorella.