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BackTrack July 2020

Steam Train Photo



July 2020 Journal

BackTrack Cover July 2020Have camera, will travel - three colour pages at various locations by a new contributor, P. Wakefield

The Metropolitan Railway in the News 1860-1863: Part Two - Jeffrey Wells follows the travails of building the Met up to its opening.

The First Train on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway - Anthony Dawson looks at the start of public railway travel  in 1830.

"Have you seen 'Lady Margaret?" - Mike Fenton recalls an affectionately remembered tank engine on the GWR.

The A1s' Northumbrian swan song - David Milburn charts the demise of an LNER Pacific class.

LNER A4 Blues -  The streamlined Pacifics in their garter blue livery.

From Road unto Rail: Part Five of Miles Macnair's series takes us into the British Railways era.

The Sad Life of Henry Packham, Signalman on the LBSCR - Colin Packham reveals a family story on the Brighton line, with an unhappy ending.

Legitimately Travelling without Payment - Alistair F. Nisbet examines some cases of where passengers didn't have to pay their own fare.

When the Duke went to Stafford - colour photographs by Edward Talbot of the Royal Train carriages in 1981.

Buxton's Twin Stations - archive photographs of the LNWR and Midland's presence in the Derbyshire spa town.