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BackTrack March 2018

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March 2018 Journal

BackTrack Cover March 2018Seen on Shed - locomotive depot scenes in colour photographed by Geoff Rixon.

To the Kent Coast and across the Channel - Michael H.C. Baker reflects on aspects of cross-Channel travel down the years.

Trains in the Water - Alistair F. Nisbet looks at some cases of water misfortunes.

The Paxman 'Warship' - Chris Fox reviews the career of a one-off member of the diesel-hydraulic 'Warship' Class.

The Knotty and the First World War - Mike G. Fell and David J. Woolliscroft pay tribute to the North Staffordshire Railway's war casualties.

Liverpool Street Station 1862-1935 - Jeffrey Wells describes developments at the Great Eastern Railway's London terminus.

Whitmore Signal Box - Spencer Jackson recalls his visits there.

Lincoln City at Home - five colour pages of steam around the city's Central station.

Byway of the 'Barra': Part Two - Mike Fenton concludes his history of the Alston branch.

37 Not Out - four pages of Rodney Lissenden's colour photos of the long-lasting Class 37 diesels in a range of liveries.

The Isle of Portland - its Stone and its Five Railways - John L. Flann tells the fascination railway history of this outpost of Dorset.

Harry Wainwright's early South Eastern & Chatham Railway Bogie Carriages - described with historic photos by Jeremy Clarke.

On the Tilbury Line - four pages of archive photos of the London, Tilbury & Southend Railway.

What not to do - some forbidding pre-grouping signs photographed by Peter Hay.