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BackTrack February 2018

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February 2018 Journal

BackTrack Cover February 2018Freight through Warrington - colour spread by Tom Heavyside from the 1980s/90s.

Les Beet: Extracts from a Steam Locomotive Driver's Log Book - Part Two of Bruce Laws' notes on the career of a Nottingham footplateman's career.

Public and Private Opposition to Nineteenth Century Railways - by Jeffrey Wells.

The Fate of the Stainmore Route: Part Two - Edward Gibbins concludes his survey of the battles to close or save this famous trans-Pennine line.

The Ambergate Junction Complex - Jeffrey Wells looks at the rise and fall of a once notable Derbyshire junction.

90 Years of the Railway Correspondence & Travel Society - marking a notable anniversary of one of the longest-established railway societies.

The Shores of the Utmost West - four pages of Dick Riley's colour on the Devon coast.

Looks can be Deceptive - three colour pages featuring the oddly unsuccessful LMS 2-6-2 tanks.

Western Waysides - archive photos of rural stations on Great Western lines.

Poor Postal Services to Scotland - Alistair F. Nisbet looks at problems in getting the mail by train to and from the Far North.

The County Donegal Railways Joint Committee - David Pearson describes a series of unintended consequences  in the history of this Irish narrow gauge system.

The Black Pugs of Ayrshire - David Idle's colour photographs of industrial steam in the Ayrshire coalfield.

Tackling the Gradient: Part Two - Miles Macnair describes the work of John Fell and looks at some locomotive/cable hybrids intended to address the problems of steam railway inclines.