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September 2009 Journal

Every Which Way to Walsall - colour spread of Michael Mensing's photos of the Walsall area in the 1970s.BackTrack Cover September 2009

The Titanic of the Channel Islands and other stories - David Mosley looks at some aspects of LSWR shipping services before WWI.

Newcastle Central Station - a historic perspective by Roger J. Kell

Memories of Eastleigh Works - Engineering fitter Eric Best recalls his time at the Southern Region locomotive works.

Bath 'Halls' - 3 photos of GWR 4-6-0s around Bath by Hugh Ballantyne.

Steam freights through Southern Suburbia - b/w photo feature by J.S. Gilks.

The Great Western Railway in the News 1841-2 - Part One - Jeffrey Wells trawls the railway press for news of the railway's early activities.

More Lancashire Hotpot - 4 colour pages of steam in the Red Rose county.

Scotland's No.1 Tour - The Trossachs Tour - Part Two - Robert D. Campbell concludes the story of the tourist traffic to Lochs Lomond and Katrine.

The Joint is Jumpin' - Part Two - Michael Rutherford continues his survey of joint railways and stations.

Out and About with the N7s - colour spread of the GER/LNER N7 0-6-2Ts

An Introduction to Steam Locomotive Testing - Part 2A - Adrian Tester discusses some points arising from Part 2 of this series.

The Catford Loop - the history of a lesser-known London byway by Keith Scholey.


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