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September 2014 Journal

BackTrack Cover September 2014Leicestershire Locomotives - three colour pages showing a range of motive power in the county.

Nassington Ironstone Quarries - Tim Edmonds recalls a visit to this Northamptonshire site in 1970.

Mails, Steam and Speed - David Andrews delves further into the 'City of Truro' controversy of 1904.

Give my Regards to Broad Street: The ruin and renaissance of the North London lines and the birth of the overground - Part Two sees Geoffrey Skelsey consider the coming of better times after the 1990s.

The Lincoln to Grantham railway - A. J. Ludlam tells the story of this secondary line.

Highland Mixture - three pages of colour on the former Highland Railway lines.

A Scottish Railway at War - A. J. Mullay looks at the Glasgow & South Western's contribution in the First World War.

Great Northern Atlantics - four pages of archive photos of both the GNR's 4-4-2 classes.

Surrey Days: Summer Saturdays in the 1950s and 1960s - John Chapman remembers the Reading-Redhill line.

Doing her bit for the Country - Rosa Matheson pays tribute to women railway workers in World War I.

Sounds of the Sixties - Keith Dungate's four-page spread of the Class 60 locomotives in their various liveries.

The Railway Industry and Public Health - Part Two - Michael B. Binks concludes his survey of general health and safety issues.

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