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BackTrack March 2019

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March 2019 Journal

BackTrack Cover March 2019The Trials and Triumphs of the Midland & South Western Junction Railway - the distinctive Joint Line between Cheltenham and Andover recalled by Jeremy Clarke.

The Marples Report: Part Two - Mark Tittley concludes his consideration of the role of Transport Minister Ernest Marples in the Beeching Report and its consequences.

Placating the Civils: Part Three - Miles Macnair presents his conclusions.

A Perfect Specimen - Jeffrey Wells charts the rise of the Maryport & Carlisle Railway 1836-1890.

Glasgow St. Enoch station - archive photos of a lost Glasgow terminus.

Dorset Delight - four pages of colour on the Lyme Regis branch.

A Revisionist View of Edward Thompson: Part One - L. A. Summers considers the career of an LNER Chief Mechanical Engineer who hasn't always received the most favourable of judgements.

When Roads and Rails Meet - colour spread by Paul Aitken.

Kemble Station and its Branches: Part Two - Mike Fenton concludes his review of the Railbus Years at this Gloucestershire country junction.

Timber Structures of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway - some historic photos presented and described by Jeffrey Wells.

The Ashton Valve Company - From the USA Rick Ashton brings the story of a locomotive manufacturing company which had its origins in England.

Railway Goods Stations: Modelling the Reality - Bob Essery takes an unusual approach to describing the workings of a typical town goods depot with the aid of a classic model display.