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BackTrack February 2016

Steam Train Photo



February 2016 Journal

BackTrack Cover Feb 2016Birmingham South Suburban - 1970s colour photos on the Midland line by Michael Mensing.

Coals to Kensington - Michael J. Smith looks at steam-hauled freight on the District Line.

By Two Routes to London - A. J. Mullay describes the junction of the East Coast Main Line and Waverley Route at Portobello, outside Edinburgh.

Wheldale Steam Renaissance - Tom Heavyside records a late development in colliery steam working in Yorkshire in 1981.

It seemed like a Good Idea at the time - Part Four - Miles Macnair concludes his series by looking at Compressed Air Locomotives in the 20th Century.

The Cold War - Part Two - Dr. Malcolm Timperley concludes his review of how railways fared in the winter of 1940.

The Great Western 'Granges' - four colour pages of this mixed traffic class during the 1950s/60s.

A Wansbeck Wander - Glen Kilday rides this Northumberland branch goods.

Out and about in the North West - three pages of colour in Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire by Brian Magilton.

Vandalism on the railways - A. F. Nisbet shows that this is an old problem!

The Southampton & Dorchester Railway - a history of the old route known as 'Castleman's Corkscrew' by Michael S. Elton.

Llandudno Junction - archive photos of this important railway location and its branch to the seaside resort terminus.