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BackTrack February 2011

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February 2011  Journal

BackTrack Cover February 2011'Greyhound' Racing - three colour pages of the LSWR T9 Class 4-4-0s.

Exchange Platform Only - David Stirling looks at four Scottish junction stations which had no public access.

The Kirriemuir Branch - the history of a Perthshire branch line by Alistair Nisbet.

Blue 'Deltics' at York - three colour shots by Chris Fox.

Consett and Tyne Dock - Roger J. Kell describes the famous iron ore trains.

'Most Noble Ladies' - The 'Duchess' names of the 'Princess Coronation' Class - David Pearson looks at the choice of names and the people behind them.

Lands of the East, Awake! - three colour pages of GER and LNER locomotives in East Anglia.

Banbury 9Fs - three colour photos by Mike Kinder of freights workings from Banbury.

'A Properly Co-ordinated System of Transport' - Part Two Michael J. Smith concludes the story of how the Metropolitan Railway integrated into London Transport.

Life on the Pateley Bridge Branch - James Rogers writes about a North Eastern branch in the Yorkshire Dales.

Class 37s to North Wales - three pages of Hugh Ballantyne's colour photos on the North Wales Main Line in the 1990s.

Recollections of a Railway Civil Engineer - Part One - A Start on the Railways - Peter Tatlow begins a series looking back on his career.

The Early Years of a Single-Sided Station - Paul Joyce looks at the working of the GWR's first station in Reading.

Stations Great and Small - a colour spread of station scenes photographed by John Spencer Gilks.