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BackTrack August 2023

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August 2023 Journal

BackTrack Cover August 2023The Curious Case of the Metro-Vick Co-Bos - colour spread by Noel Machell of these strange and unsuccessful diesel locomotives.

Edinburgh to Dundee via Fife - Alistair F. Nisbet traces traffic developments from 1850 to 2006.

'A Main Line in Miniature?' - Geoffrey Skelsey looks at the legacy of the Metropolitan Railway.

The Mistiey, Thorpe & Walton Railway - David Troughton uncovers a railway that might have been a missing link.

The North Wales Coast 1846-1922 - events on a favourite holiday route described by Jeffrey Wells.

Lost of the Woodhead Route - four colour pages by GAVIN MORRISON of trains on the now closed electrified route between Manchester and Sheffield,

Doing Good Work - the GWR '43XX' 2-6-0s in colour.

The Barry Railway's intrusions into the Rhymney Valley - railways politics and power-play in South Wales described by Terry McCarthy,

Joyce Station Clocks - Tony Robinson introduces the manufacturer of many notable railway clocks.

Pulverised Fuel for Firing Locomotives: Part One - Miles Macnair looks at some alternative forms of fuel.

One day at Southall - David Idle's colour shots at this west London locomotive debit in October 1965.

A Maritime Miscellany - archive photographs of railway ships.

Brees's Railway Practice - Gordon Biddle looks back at a technical treatise for railway engineers issued between 1837-47.