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 August 2012 Journal

BackTrack Cover August 2012Lime Street Blues - three colour pages by Tom Heavyside of diesel and electric locos at Liverpool's famous terminus in the 1980s.
An Inca at Euston: F. A. Cortez-Leigh - R.A.S. Hennessey reviews the career of a pioneer of railway electrification on the LNWR and later the LMS.
Cambrian Holidays - four pages of archive photos of the Cambrian Coast line and the Llangollen line.
Some Railway Recollections 1900-1914 - Part One - A lecture given to the Cambridge University Railway Club in 1949 by the noted railway writer R. E. Charlewood.
Manchester to Bury in 1846 and 1879 - Part Two - Jeffrey Wells describes the building of the LYR's new route via Prestwich.
Banking Bonuses - three colour shots of banking engines at Lickey, Beattock and Weymouth.
Moguls of the LMS - three pages of colour photos of that railway's three designs of 2-6-0 locomotives.
An Unenviable Reputation for Accidents - Alistair F. Nisbet looks at an East Coast Main Line location in Northumberland which seemed to attract misfortune.
More Western Branch Line Wanderings - three colour pages of locations in Devon, Wales and Shropshire.
Track Record: A Financial History of British Railways 1948-54: Part Two of John W. E. Helm's survey looks at the financial results.
GWR Auto Coaches - two colour photos with detailed notes by Mike King.
Engine Revolutions - David Andrews presents the case for high speed diesel engines.
Blanketing Track Formation - Peter Tatlow describes an engineering operation as carried out on the Southern Region in the 1950s/60s.

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