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BackTrack April 2022

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April 2022 Journal

BackTrack Cover April 2022Northamptonshire Ironstone - colour spread by David Idle from the Nassington Quarries.

Norfolk's Railways - Stephen Roberts surveys the county's railway system.

The Early Operating Years of the Mid Wales Railway 1864-1888 - local history from the route between Moat Lane Junction, Builth Wells and Brecon by Paul Bowen.

By the waters of Luddendenfoot - Gavin Morrison's photographs on the water troughs near Sowerby Bridge on the LYR Calder Valley main line.

Strikes, Overcrowding, Fishwives and a Zeppelin: The first twenty years of the North Eastern Railway's Tyneside Electrics - Part One - by Rob Langham.

Alan Tyson on the East Coast Route - archive photographs of LNER Pacifics in the early 1960s.

Scottish Expeditions - Colour scenes recorded by Gerald Daniels in a three-page spread.

The Trent Valley Line in the News 1845-1900 - Jeffrey Wells chronicles events on the main line between Rugby and Stafford.

'ABC' Absentees - Philip Atkins identifies some locomotive classes which might have been expected to have had longer lives and last into the Ian Allan 'ABC' books.

Williams Revisited - Gordon Biddle takes a new look at a classic of 19th C. railway literature.

A Dangerous Liaison: Stamp, Stanier, Gresley and the Nazis - Tim Graves considers the sometimes controversial situations which arose in Anglo-German railway relationships in the 1930s.

Taking the 'Orient Express' - Rodney Lissenden's colour photographs of the British part of the VSOE train.

In the West of Wales - picture feature by John White of lines that fell victim to the 'Beeching Axe'.